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In life, unlike chess, the game continues after checkmate”

                                                                                                                                          ~Isaac Asimov

Transtion to Your

Best Life

Are you old enough to remember the game of life?


We would start out with a tiny car and a couple of stick people, sit back and let the board game control our lives for the next couple of hours. And if we didn't like the square we landed on we could request a do-over, or simply wait for our next turn to right the perceived wrong.


We may have packed away our board games, but all of us can benefit  from working with a health and wellness coach that offers support and unconditional positive regard. This is the environment provide at Life Transition Consulting.


Each client is embraced as an individual, taking into account the unique life experiences they bring with them. I believe there is no right or wrong, only choices as you move along your life path.


As I hold energetic space you are free to discover the next phase of your journey from a safe, loving place.


Permanent change requires more than simple desire, and it can often be difficult to recognize  which actions are congruent to your desired outcomes.  Life Transition Consulting  is here to assist you as you embark on the path to  the life you desire!

Adaptation = Growth

     This cucumber started life as a yellow blossom exactly like all the other cucumbers.   Little did he know that the path his life-sustaining vine was to travel would risk his own chance for survival.

     He grew "normal" at first, without a care in the world.  And then one beautiful, sunny day he realized he was pinched between two stones.  He wasn't too concerned at first.  Being strong and healthy he figured he would just add a bit more curve to his middle and would then rest above the crack.  What he didn't factor in was the strength of the vine, traveling farther away from the garden wall each and every day.

     The day came when the cucumber was stuck for good and he began to panic.  Of course the panic and worry clouded his thoughts to the point that any hope of discovering a solution to his problem was gone.

     The vine continued it's haphazzard wandering and low and behold a miracle happen.  The cucumber began to adapt and mold to the space between the rocks!  Due to his extreme worry and panic he didn't recognize that a solution was presenting itself with no conscious effort on his part.  Sure he needed to adapt from the "normal" round shape into a square, flattened one, but wasn't that a small price to pay for being able to continue to thrive?  Inside he was the same yummy cucumber that would provide an abundance of nutrition to the grateful person that he had been planted for. 


Does it matter then, that his outside didn't "match" his life sustaining inside? 


Are you so focused on you perceived problems that it's getting in the way of the work you need/desire to do on the inside?  Have you been unable to glimpse the miracles of adaptation waiting to present themselves to you?  We at Life Transition Consulting are ready and able to assist you in the process of uncovering your hearts desires  through personal coaching and positive support.



Double Knot Your Laces...

Runners know is may take a few extra seconds to double knot their shoe laces, but it is well worth the time it takes to do so.  Even greater benefit can be gained from this practice if, while making the second knot, you shift your focus from everything that wants to grab your attention and focus on setting your intention for the run.  After your run is completed the few extra seconds it takes to untie the knots can be utilized to relish in the success of your efforts, before rushing back to your ever expanding to-do list.

Using the phrase double knot your laces as a metaphor  can remind you to set your intention to being fully attentive to any activity you are about to begin.  Intentions are different from goals. Intentions are focused on the here and now, the present moment. Intentions are formed by our most heartfelt wishes, passions, and truth. 

Being clear about your intentions will assist you in being truly present. Whether meeting with an important client, or running into the store to pick up a few things the act of centering and metaphorically stepping onto the present moment can greatly enrich the activity.  Being present allows any interaction to flow and grow in a way that is positive for all involved.

What happens when you center yourself in the present moment is that the mind stops making noise. You become present, and are not distracted by your mind. When this happens you are able to connect with your deeper self, and you become more alive and awake. The more you are present, the better the quality of your doing will be.

When you allow yourself to be distracted by the 10 other things that still have to get done by day’s end it is hard to be engaged and fully present.  If you don't hear or understand the issues at hand they have to be re-addressed, and in the long run more not less time is needed to reach a positive resolution.

Being fully present is an act of honoring and respecting yourself and those around you. Remembering to double knot your laces will help you consciously navigate through life rather than tripping on your laces at every turn. 





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