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When the student is ready the teacher will appear


Patricia Kuptz

Life Transition Specialist, Intuitive Health Coach


I have spent the past 30 years assisting people in identifying and addressing issues that were preventing them from living their best lives.


As a former 250 pound confirmed couch potato I had boarded a one-way train towards diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and early death.  For these reasons (and more), I can identify with women who are miserably unhappy with the number on the bathroom scales. I teach these women how to lose weight and gain health without suffering, fad diets, or spending hours in the gym!


This is accomplished by utilizing a personalized health and wellness blueprint, based on an individual’s Soul Energy Centers.  When we are functioning at soul level, we are guaranteed to manifest our heart's desire.

In addition to health and wellness goals I have assisted women delivering new life into this world, held space for individuals as they transitioned out of this world, and provided support and inspiration to people traveling through a vast array of life events between the two extremes of life and death.


My  professional credentials include:

Licensed physical therapist assistant 

Licensed massage therapist

Life Transition Specialist

Soul Realignment Practitioner

Intuitive Health Coach

Certified Holistic health and Weight Loss Coach

Certified End of Life Doula

Shinpiden Reiki Master/Teacher

Animal Reiki Practitioner and communicator





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